Lazy knowledge and the Pitfalls of internet “learning”

Muslim mentions in his Sahīh that Yahyā b. Abī Kathīr said “Knowledge is not attained through relaxation.”


I remember one of my teachers telling me about an incident in class with one of his teacher. After mentioning a narration one day, one of the students interrupted class saying: “Shaikh! Where can I find this?!” …

Tips on Arabic as a Second Language (4)

Mastering the correct usage of the “Huruf al-Jarr” is essential to mastering the Arabic language. Here is a short poem to help: بَاء تَاء كافْ ولام * واو مُنْذُ مُذْ خَلا رُبّ حاشا عن على * في مِنْ إلى حَتّى عدا بَاء = بالله (for an oath) – باسم الله (meaning: with) تَاء = تالله …

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