About Joe

I focus on five essential topics to help you thrive professionally and personally


Personal Finance

Manage your money wisely. Gain financial literacy and discover budgeting strategies, money tips, and investing insights from an Islamic perspective.


Shariah Compliant Solutions

Understand Islamic finance. Learn how to ensure investments, transactions, and financial products adhere to Islamic law and principles.


Investment & Startups

Fund your future. Access capital and scale your startup or small business through Islamic financing options and partnerships guided by faith-based values.


Islamic Values

Apply timeless principles. Strengthen character and contribute to community by exemplifying Islamic morals and ethics in business and daily living.


Spirituality & Community

Enrich your connections. Explore spiritual ideas and identities that bind Muslim communities together in an increasingly complex world.

My Story

With over a decade and a half of experience, here’s a bit about me, my journey, and how we can work together for your best financial future.


My career includes significant tenures at a number of financial institutions, including my time as Vice President and Senior Shariah Consultant at AlRajhi Bank, the largest Islamic bank in the Middle East.

Now, as an Ethical Finance Advisor, I provide expertise in Islamic law, business, and finance, particularly for the North American market. My work centers on aligning financial practices with Islamic values.

I hold two master’s degrees: one in Islamic Judiciary Process and another in Islamic Capital Markets. Additionally, I am a Certified Shariah Adviser and Auditor (CSAA), accredited by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI).

Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. at the International Islamic University of Malaysia with a focus on financial injustice.

True financial success is measured by how well it aligns with key values: adaptability, transparency, honesty, practicality, accountability, and fairness. Adaptability keeps me responsive to finance’s dynamic nature, while transparency and honesty are fundamental to building trust. Practicality steers my solutions towards effectiveness and realism.

As your advisor, instilling accountability and fairness are crucial, which helps you make responsible and equitable decisions. My goal is to foster lifestyle where these principles thrives.

In my professional capacity, I specialize in providing a wide range of services, encompassing estate planning, investment and startup advisory, Shariah compliance in real estate development, personal financial advising, and Zakat consultancy. Each of these functions demonstrates my commitment to embedding Islamic principles and ethical practices in diverse financial areas.

I do this through a variety of roles:

Estate and Insurance planning (MyWassiyah.com, IkhlasInsurance.com, Private Consults);
Investment and Startup Advisory (Zoya.Finance, ShariahPortfolio, YC candidates);
Real Estate Development Advisor (Cor3 Capital, Structures Unlimited, Ramesses Development);
Personal Advisor (SMBs, family offices, & individuals); and
Zakat Advisor (HHRD, PennyAppeal USA, & others).
These roles allow me to impact a broad spectrum of financial activities, aligning them with Islamic values and ethical finance principles.

"Shaykh Joe Bradford was very helpful. Both my spouse and I had questions and he was able to answer all of them. He also gave us some good recommendations and suggestions. We highly recommend scheduling a call with Shaykh Joe."
- Selma Dobryansky
"I had a great experience with Joe. He was very patient in answering my questions and provided the necessary information I needed to get started in the stock market."
- Muddaser Belal
"Conversation with Joe was very helpful. All my questions were answered in a clear and concise manner. It is a huge blessing to have a scholar who has studied finances from an Islamic perspective and is so easily accessible."
- Usman Zafar
"Joe is able to bridge language, cultural, and religious gaps in a seamless manner. He is very knowledgeable on Sharia matters and dedicated to the development of Sharia banking."
- Bennie B
"Joe, is an absolute gem. He was able to explain difficult financial concepts to me, and helped me choose from the best options available. Would highly recommend!"
- Anas Malik
"Sheikh Joe understood my concerns and provided several options to address the issue. He was aware of complex financial concept, but was able to communicate them in a simple manner. He was clear and concise. Great resource and easy process. JazakAllah Khair."
- Saad Shah
"Allah reward and bless Shaykh Joe and his sharing of knowledge and experience with others. Schedule a call to inshaa'Allah sort out financial needs in a way that is in conformity with scholarship, ethics, and morality."
- Abdullah Budri
"Very helpful, calm and precise advice given. Getting into investing is quite overwhelming it's good to know Sh Joe is there to give halal ethical advice."
- Salma Begum
"MashaaAllah, super helpful. Sh. Joe walked me through various scenarios and provided his advice to put my heart at ease. JazaakAllahukhair!"
- Mohammad Hoque
"I follow Joe's work regarding zakat and finance because it's the most comprehensive and simple to understand information out there."
- Bilal T
"He provides the most comprehensive answers when it comes to financial matters based on Islamic and mainstream financial knowledge."
- Rabab A.
"Instead of dodging questions, you are one of the few that will cover very relevant topics that may be controversial to some."
- Abdullah M