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I write about topics that I am passionate about and that I find intellectually stimulating. My articles aim to address present needs that may be relevant to you and others. While I do write on topics related to money, such as personal finance and investing, I also cover other areas such as Islamic law and society.

My goal is to provide informative and engaging content that can benefit readers like yourself. I hope my articles can help you gain new insights and perspectives on a wide range of topics.

NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens – A Very Simple Explanation

Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs give you something that can’t be copied. Not a picture itself (anyone can take a screenshot). Here we’re going to use art as an example, because its most common nowadays, but NFTs can be used for real estate, contracts, and a number

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When is staking your crypto allowed?

There are three situations in the market currently where they use the word “staking” but mean something different each time. You need to learn what’s being *done* instead of just relying on the words used. Situation #1: They take your crypto and pay you an interest

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What makes a crypto coin Shariah Compliant?

For those of you concerned with the Shariah compliance of the coins you are buying, Asking yourself these 5 questions will help guide your coin selection: #1 – It is a store of value. #2 – It is a medium of exchange. #3 – Transparency about recourse. #4 –

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Zakat on Assets – A Quick Review

Let’s talk Zakat on Assets: – 1st, assets you do not pay Zakat on. – 2nd, assets you do pay Zakat on. – 3rd, deductions and expenses that lower your Zakat liability.   A thread 🧵: 1st: There some types of assets that you will

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Book Excerpt – The Greatest Gifts

The following is an excerpt from a collection of short essays I’ve been writing over the last few years, each one encapsulates an event in my life that I’ve titled “The Greatest Gifts.” I’ve decided to release this one as realizations that lead me to

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A Decade in Review, an Emotional One

Thinking back over the past 10 years, I find my mind racing to recall all the things meaningful to me during this time. Some of it is just a blank in my mind, some extremely vivid. Rather than a chronology of the various events and happenings of the last 10 years I’ve decided to review my emotions this decade.

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Boys Don’t Cry

Lots of times we as men as told “crying isn’t manly.” It is a stereotype taught to us as men from the time we are small. Not through words necessarily, but many times by the way we are allowed to express our emotions & how

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