Practical Tips Helping You Make Financially Sound Decisions.

Practical Tips Helping You Make Financially Sound Decisions.

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18th february, 2024

Preparing for Ramadan: Health, Wealth, and Worship

We have to start now to make the most of it. With only 21 days left until Ramadan, it’s crucial to prepare thoughtfully. Starting early allows for careful planning and ensures we have a fulfilling experience in Ramadan. Here are a few things I think are important to your mind, money, worship, and soul, a short guide to help you navigate the preparations:
february 11th, 2024

Crypto, Futures, and Leverage

As the Crypto Market Heats Up, More Caution is Necessary It seems the crypto market is heating up again, and lots of people are getting involved in buying and trading coins. In addition to the information I’ve put out previously about what makes a coin permitted as well as staking and other issues. I think it’s important to talk about three of the most commonly promoted means for trading currencies of any type, crypto included. First off, is it permitted to trade currencies? Are there any conditions for doing so? Are futures, forwards and the like allowed? And what about leverage?
February 4th, 2024

Push is Easier than Pull

Capital preservation is a fundamental principle of wealth management, aiming to safeguard the original value of invested capital while minimizing the risk of loss. Benjamin Graham said, “The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.”
January 28th, 2024

Pop Culture, Apartheid, and the Arc of the Moral Universe

We are at an inflection point. One in which the lies, deceit, duplicity, and filth of the modern liberal order has been laid bare for people around the world to see it for what it is. All of the vapid entertainment, droning political analysis, and empty resolutions about Palestine have exposed the façade.
January 21st, 2024

Muddy Yards and Money Earned

I was recently doing work on my side yard. After installing a fence and getting under the grass and sod, the clay and sand underneath became exposed. With the rain we’ve had in the past months, all that clay and sand turned quickly into sludge. Sure it looks firm and stable from the outside, but the moment I stepped on it to continue some repairs was the moment I realized “these stains on my clothes aren’t coming out anytime soon.” The stability was an illusion, and it lead to a harsh reminder after falling into the mud: that things aren’t always as they appear, and for stability you have to put the work in to get.
January 14th, 2024

Beyond Negativity and Aimlessness

The Power of Solving, Creating, and Experiencing In a world where we often find ourselves trapped between the negatives of the past and the uncertainties of the future, it is important to remember that many times we fall into two mental states that lead nowhere: dwelling in negativity or aimlessly hoping/wishing for something different. Both prevent us from living a productive, fulfilling life. If you think about it, we don’t control the past and we can’t determine the future, we can only deal with the circumstances of the day we are in, and hope that if we live to the next day, we’ll see the good results of what we’ve done.

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- Muddaser Belal
"Conversation with Joe was very helpful. All my questions were answered. It is a huge blessing to have a scholar who has studied finances from an Islamic perspective."
- Usman Zafar
"Joe is able to bridge language, cultural, and religious gaps in a seamless manner. He is very knowledgeable on Sharia matters and dedicated to the development of Sharia banking."
- Bennie B
"Joe, is an absolute gem. He was able to explain difficult financial concepts to me, and helped me choose from the best options available. Would highly recommend!"
- Anas Malik
"Sheikh Joe understood my concerns and provided several options to address the issue. He was aware of complex financial concept, but was able to communicate them in a simple manner."
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"Allah reward and bless Shaykh Joe and his sharing of knowledge. Schedule a call to sort out financial needs in a way that conforms with scholarship, ethics, and morality."
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"Very helpful, calm and precise advice given. Getting into investing is quite overwhelming it's good to know Sh Joe is there to give halal ethical advice."
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