Fareed Zakaria Asks The Wrong Question

So, If Islam was inherently a violent religion, we would have 1400 years of violence. But we don’t. And Zakaria makes an excellent point, that we need to stop blaming “Islam..” but instead “some Muslims.” Religions, books, and ideas don’t commit violence. People do.

An Open Letter to Atheist Muslims – or – Is The Quran A Violent Text Or Is Your Reading A Tad Off?

I am not going to accuse you of never knowing anything about Islam. Most of you have grown up in Muslim families, attended Muslim Sunday school, gone to Muslim summer camp, etc. You know the drill and the day to day of what many Muslims experience, especially in a communal sense. Also, I will not accuse you of being sympathetic to the bigotry and hatred projected towards Muslims. Despite your self-declared apostasy and atheism, I am sure that when you are in line in the airport, pulled over for a minor traffic violation, or opening an account at a bank, you are wholly identified as an “other” and your “Muslimy” name doesn’t help you in the least. I get it. You are still, like it or not, culturally tied to the community that you have identified with much of your life,

Circumcision in Islam

Circumcision for Muslims signifies a keeping with the covenant of Abraham. Following the natural disposition to worship his Creator, and keeping with his commands, he circumcised himself as a covenant with God. Muslims believe every human to be born with this natural disposition. Circumcision is seen as a reiteration of this belief and Abrahamic practice.

Video – Evolution & Religion: Are they compatible?

Much of the discussion on the identity issues related to the topic. It was however refreshing to be able to have a candid conversation about the topic, and time really flew by fast. One of the problem when dealing with this topic is that we usually start with a “versus” approach, we in actuality we are talking about two separate bodies of knowledge.