June 8, 2011
Thinks hives, not Honey-pots



5 min read

Summarized from HBR, I took the misperceptions listed in the article and turned them into six principles for teamwork:

1- Instead of harmony, look for well managed conflict. Think of an orchestra, they’re not all playing the same tune, but they’re all playing along.
2- Teams that stay together longer play better together. Which is why the Heat lost last nite.
3- Large groups impede collaboration and allow for free-riding. Instead of a honey pot, think of a hive.
4- Don’t discount face time. Heavily distributed teams need to meet up at start, midway, and end.
5- Leaders are important, but its not about one person; leaders lead, they don’t micro-manage; they create conditions conducive to success and let the plants grow and bear fruit.
6- “It ain’t no mystery” Team work isn’t magic; it’s vision, preparation, and support.


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