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Islam in “Encyclopedia of Latin American Religions”

Usman Dan Fodio and the Establishment of the Sokoto Caliphate. Chapter in “Great Events in Religion: An Encyclopedia of Pivotal Events in Religious History.”


Islam in “Encyclopedia of Latin American Religions”

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Islam in “Encyclopedia of Latin American Religions”

A comprehensive reference that covers all major religions, beliefs and practices in Latin America. Views Latin American religions in dynamic interaction with other religions of Latin American origin and with religions which did not originate in Latin America but have been a lasting feature of its religious landscape. Takes into account the growing influence and role of the Diaspora in understanding Latin American religious traditions and religious identity

From the chapter:

Islam is the name of the monotheistic religion which calls to the worship of one God as revealed to Muhammad. Its adherents are known as Muslims. To speak of Islam today is not only to refer to the above definitions but to refer to the people and lands that adhere to or are influenced by Islam as a religion and a culture. This would include not only the Muslim majority countries that span the globe from Morocco to the Philippines but include as well Muslim minority groups in Europe and the Americas. In this sense, not only is Islam the second largest religion in the world but also in Europe and the Americas (Esposito 2000).


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