September 24, 2010
Audio – Domestic Abuse: A betrayal of Trust (w/ transcript)



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This is the transcript of the khutbah I gave today.

It’s titled “Domestic Abuse: A betrayal of Trust

Download the PDF from here. UPDATE: I’ve referenced the ahadith mentioned in the khutbah.

With the help of friends, I created a flier to be given out immediately after the prayer, which has pertinent information for those concerned about abuse, as well as those that fear they are being abused.

You can download that from here.

I’ve posted it in word format so that you can customize the links and information to your locality.


I’ve added audio:
[I’ll repost audio this weekend, iA]

This was recorded on a phone, so watch out for the clicks and hiccups. Obviously, as is the case always with public speaking, I deviated a little from the script above, but the main body and message are the same.


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