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Cultural Capitalism – Slavoj Zizek

Joe Bradford

| 09/04/2010

Not sure I can agree with all the logic here, but an interesting idea nonetheless.


1 thought on “Cultural Capitalism – Slavoj Zizek”

  1. AS

    Some random thoughts…

    Zizek in his Lacanian analysis with a twist of Marx is describing pretty well the new phase of Capitalim and that is the selling of experiences. Products (labor concretized) are no longer the only thing sold on the market but an experience. So that the consumer joins a temple and engages a ritual when buying. The Apple revolution is indicative of this that is the market is becoming a series of cults to use an extreme metaphor and this is because of a crisis of meaning as well as the need for tapping creativity for the sake of selling and profits.

    Without a conception of the world there is no conception of economy. So that Capitalism now is atheistic, materialistic it is definitely an outgrowth of Smith wherein people are desirious and selfish so let us see how to benefit from that state of nature. The philosophy is more advance now in that you invest in the winner and looser to win like Soros, to gain. So the means is justified by the end -self gain without a social commitment. This is the State of corporations without borders for the average person well the average person is similar to what Zizek described we are stuck with being ethical and keeping the system alive and in order to do both we have to pay. Stick the overhead to the consumer being ethical is overhead. This is why the average person payed for the loss banks incurred and the upper management of the banks got raises. We payed for risk and payed for damage in order to keep the system afloat.

    Now where is an Islamic theory of econ. outside of Our economy? Without a conceptualization of the world there is no economy because there it is about generating value and putting a premium on it.

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