July 24, 2012
Do the clothes I wear matter when fasting?



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Question: Do the clothes I wear matter when fasting?

Answer: The clothes that you wear, whether fasting or not, should conform to the Islamic dictates of modesty. They should be loose fitting, not flamboyant, and should be presentable and clean. Both Muslim men and women should make sure their Awrah is covered. Your fast is an act of worship directly related to abstention from food, drink, and sexual intercourse. Bad speech, lying, and false claims should be avoided as well, and anything immodest is to be abstained from. That said, no piece of clothing can affect your fast. Whether you wear a tanktop and shorts, a 3 piece suit, or a thowb, or you lie, cheat, or steal, or you spend your day in the mosque praying, your fast is still valid. The question you must ask yourself is: After wearing what I wore, or doing what I do (good or bad), what reward is left of my fast even though it is valid and I don’t have to make up that day?

Think about standing in front of God…


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