An English Rendering of the Sira poem ‘Qurrat Al Absar fi Sirat al-Mushaffa’ al-Mukhtar’

Joe Bradford

| 01/18/2015

In the early 2000’s I and a group of friends had the blessed opportunity to study with Sh. Ubbah Muhammad Faal. One  of the texts we studied with him was a poem in on the Prophetic biography titled: ‘Qurrat Al Absar fi Sirat al-Mushaffa’ al-Mukhtar’ written by Shaikh AbdulAziz ibn AbdulWahid Al Miknasi Al-Lamati. he lived circa 950. His death date is unknown but in his later life he retired to Medinah. Every day after Fajr, we would gather around the shaikh to read from this book; sometimes in the Masjid al-Nabawi and at other times in homes near by. In the afternoon while reviewing, I started experimenting with rendering the Arabic verse into an English poem. While going through some files on my hard drive today, I found this. I believe this was the only bit that I wrote electronically, the rest is somewhere in a notebook somewhere.

An Enchanting Gaze at the Life of the Chosen Intercessor and His Days.

by Shaikh AbdulAziz ibn AbdulWahid Al Miknasi Al-Lamati

Rendered into English by Joe Bradford

All praise to due to Allah
Who through Ahmad surely guided
To the best course and law, Whom
he alone wills to be guided

Praise and then praise again
Lasting now until forever
Equivalent to his blessings
a count no one can endeavor!

Peace and blessings upon
In succession and in sequence
The greatest messenger sent
And the last of them in sequence

Upon the family and Companions
and everyone who follows
their pristine path, for as long as
stars do their orbits follow

Whereas you know the best of that
The diligent pursue
Is History of his story
Whose course we must ensue

So here I mention just a few
Words, do contemplate and ponder
And after this you’ll have no need
To search for more nor wander

“Delight” to all of those in search
And wish to him to gaze
A poem “Enchanting to the eyes”
That seek to read his days.

The pedigree and family tree
Of he who was much praised
I’ll mention here for you my dear
respect to him be paid

The Chosen one, his lineage
Until Adnan recorded
Consensus of this fact is known
to all who have reported

Muhammad son of abdullah
From shaibah known as Aamir
Then Haashim and mughirah
Qusayy the fourth grandfather

Kilab the son of murrah,
The fifth and sixth to know
Then Ka’b and then luayy
then Ghalib does come in tow

Fihr the son of Malik
Quraish they say was he
Yet most of those had mentioned
That Nadhr was to be

Kinanah then khuzaymah,
Mudrikah, Ilyas, ‘Amr
The latter of these three
Was also known as Mudhar

Nizaar, and then Ma’ad,
The twentieth conserved
Until Adnan his lineage
unanimously preserved

But after that not much
is known, How many a grandfather
Between adnan and ismail
Is counted as his father

Shaibah who dug the zamzam
well, His tribe did surely bother
And try to stop him from this act
he made an oath to Honor.

If he were to beget a son,
Not one but ten in number,
Then sacrifice he would
One of the very hefty number


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