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I offer self-paced personal finance courses, a weekly newsletter, & insightful articles & books, complemented by consultation calls for tailored guidance. These resources are designed to help my clients succeed in aligning their values with their finances.

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I am an entrepreneur, an American scholar of Islam, and an Ethical Financial Advisor. My expertise includes Islamic law, Shariah compliance, Islamic finance and ethical investment.

Through self-paced personal finance courses, a weekly newsletter, & insightful articles, complemented by consultation calls for tailored guidance, my goal it to help you align your wealth to your values.”

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I provide ethical financial solutions to clients from high-net-worth individuals to small businesses and corporations

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My courses empower recent graduates, newlyweds, and experienced professionals to make ethical financial decisions 

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My publications focus on critical shariah compliance issues facing Muslim communities in conventional finance markets

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RECENT Articles

What is the ruling on promoting a “Global Day of Fasting”?

There is a Global Day of Fasting being spread around social media this Thursday, and both the ABC students and the XYZ students are asking me if we should encourage this and post about it or if it’s a bidah. It is a Thursday, so that’s beneficial. But, I said I’d defer to my seniors.

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Cooking Rice, Not Engineering It: Al-Shatibi’s Guidance on relevance in Usul al-Fiqh Studies

Consider the process of teaching someone to cook rice. You wouldn’t initially throw them into a deep discussion about the variations among Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin, right? That would be like tossing them into a whirlpool of confusion. Instead, the initial focus should be on the essentials: how to proportion the rice and water, when to adjust the heat to a simmer, and the signs of perfectly cooked rice. The intricate understanding of temperature scales is a knowledge layer that can be added later once the basic practicalities are mastered.

Along these lines, Abu Ishaq al-Shatibi, in the fourth introduction of Al-Muwafaqat, stated:

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Is it Forbidden to Pay Riba? Or is it only forbidden to charge it?

Recently someone presented to me the opinion or the assumption that it’s not forbidden to pay interest, it’s only forbidden to take interest claiming that there’s nothing in the Quran. That would indicate that it’s forbidden to pay interest. I wanted to take a moment and address this issue because I think it’s something that all of you should be concerned about.

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