Muslims, Marriage & Money Masterclass


Muslims, Marriage & Money Masterclass

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Having Trouble Talking to your Spouse About the Finances?

Getting married is challenging enough. After a few months or even years, the decisions that you made even *before* marriage can come back to haunt you. That’s something we all want to avoid. Research has shown that the #1 cause of relationship strain and divorce is disputes over money.

Lot’s of couples have budgets and do well for themselves, but STILL fall into problems. Doesn’t matter how much you knew about personal finance before marriage. There is no longer just one person in the picture! Managing your finances is completely different when you’re in a relationship and out of one. Having more than one income, children, differing goals and visions, all that can hinder living your best life financially. Most couples never have a deep conversation about money until years later. Most couples don’t even know what’s guiding their decisions about money until it is too late.

So what’s the best way to avoid this? To get on the same page, work together, and proactively understand *how* you show up in your marriage, what that does to your money, and how you can best work together to improve.

That’s why I created this course. In 5 video sessions and 1 personal consultation, I take you through the most important issues couples face about money. This isn’t a budgeting course. It’s not going to create a financial plan for you. It’s going to teach you how to build a *Life Plan* for your marriage, money, and much much more.


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