Advanced Zakat Studies


Advanced Zakat Studies

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Advanced Zakat Studies


The History, Texts, & Advanced Issues Related to Zakat & Charity.

A contemporary study course presented by Joe Bradford

Unit One: The History, Importance, and Objectives of Zakat

History of Zakat – Primary Texts
History of Zakat – Prophetic Period & Caliphate of Abu Bakr
History of Zakat – Caliphate of Umar
History of Zakat – Caliphates of Uthman, Ali, Mu’awiyah
Importance of Charity and Zakat
Legislative Objectives of Zakat – Higher Objectives of Islam
Legislative Objectives of Zakat – Required Reading (PDF)
Legislative Objectives of Zakat – Objectives Specific to Zakat & Charity

Unit Two: Essential Rules and Concepts

Who must pay Zakat?
What types of wealth are liable for Zakat?
How much Zakat is to be paid?
When is Zakat paid? When is it not?
Who is Zakat to be paid to? How much should be paid?
Inner meanings of Zakat

Unit Three: Advanced Issues in Zakat & Charity

Calculating Zakat on Currency
Persons Liable for Zakat Payment
Types of Wealth Liable for Zakat
Amounts Due and Payment Schedule
Management and Disbursement of Zakat
Zakat al-Fitr

Case Studies

Case #01: Corporate Employee
Case #02: Stay at Home Parent
Case #03: Entrepreneur


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