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40 Hadith on Wealth and Earning

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40 Hadith on wealth and earning, with side by side Arabic / English text.


40 Hadith on Wealth and Earning

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Throughout Islamic history numerous scholars have authored compilations of Forty Hadith. Al-Imam al- Nawawi is perhaps the most prominent of them, while one of the earliest is al-Hasan b. Sufyan al-Nasawi. Following “…in the footsteps of the aforementioned notable scholars and hadith masters of Islam” this work collects 40 hadith on the topic of wealth and earning. This text’s goal is to mention the fundamental texts through which concepts vital to the study of wealth, earning, economics, finance, and financial ethics will be introduced from an Islamic lens. This novel work is essential for Muslims of all levels of knowledge and aptitude seeking to better understand how the sacred texts of Islam address the above topics in a rational and principled manner.

2 reviews for 40 Hadith on Wealth and Earning

  1. Alex

    40 Hadith of our prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. Important to know and understand. I recommend buying this book.

  2. M D

    As one of the few Islamic finance experts in the world, sh. Joe delivers yet another staple title in any Muslim household. I’ve read all of his books, and each provides immense spiritual value and guidance in financial and business ethics, as well as other aspects of worship.

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