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30 Day Financial Headstart


30 Day Financial Headstart

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The 30 Day Financial Headstart include thirty modules:

  1. Program overview
  2. Assess the situation
  3. Categorize everything
  4. What’s your why?
  5. Budgeting
  6. Lifestyle vs. Life-cycle budgets
  7. Net worth vs. Self worth
  8. Start with debt
  9. Credit Cards
  10. Student Loans
  11. Credit reports
  12. Emergency Funds
  13. Identity Theft
  14. Banking, Apps, Etc
  15. Insurance
  16. Major Purchases: House & Car
  17. Profession or lifestyle: choose wisely
  18. Money disorders
  19. Retirement savings
  20. How you’re programmed about money
  21. Shariah Compliant Funds
  22. Taxes and Charity
  23. Investing, Taxable Brokerage accounts
  24. Estate Planning
  25. Money behaviors
  26. Alternative Investments: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Options
  27. Money Dialogue
  28. Financial integration
  29. Yours, mine, ours: marriage & money issues
  30. Money & Family: Parents, kids, in-laws

This course will be in video format + additional resources for you to continue your education. The videos will approximately 15 minutes in length and you’ll be able to watch them as many times as you want. Any additional resources will be provided in a PDF.

This course is being pre-sold and will be released no later than 10/10/2020. Due to the nature of the content, there will be no refunds issued once the course is released.



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